Consent Agenda

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: There will be no separate discussion of Consent Agenda items as they are considered to be routine by the Kansas Corporation Commission. The items are posted on the Commission's website for five business days. Unless removed from the website's Consent Agenda, the orders appearing on the Consent Agenda will become the Order of the full Commission at the Commission’s regularly scheduled Commission Meeting. If Commission staff or a Commissioner requests an item be removed from the Consent Agenda, the affected item may be placed on the earliest possible Commission Meeting agenda for discussion.

Posting Date:   Aug 28, 2014     

Approval Date:   Thursday  Sep 04, 2014     

Attested By:    Thomas A. Day, Acting Executive Director

DocketNumber:  15-TRAM-089-OOS
Docket Filed On:   Aug 26, 2014    ...  In the Matter of the Emergency Suspension of Operating Authority of Fermin Robledo... OOS - Out of Service
Emergency Suspension of Operating Authority Order

DocketNumber:  15-CONS-072-CPEN
Docket Filed On:   Jul 17, 2014    ...  Penalty Order - Eickbush Production Co. LLC dba ECCO... CPEN - Penalty
Order Designating Prehearing Officer and Setting Prehearing Conference

DocketNumber:  13-SWBT-321-IAT
Docket Filed On:   Nov 01, 2012    ...  Application for SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO., D/B/A AT&T KANSAS... IAT - Interconnection Agreement
Order Approving Modifications to Interconnection Agreement

DocketNumber:  15-CONS-216-CPEN
Docket Filed On:   Sep 02, 2014    ...  Penalty Order - High Plains Production, Inc.... CPEN - Penalty
Penalty Order - High Plains Production, Inc.

DocketNumber:  15-TRAM-030-OOS
Docket Filed On:   Jul 24, 2014    ...  In the Matter of the Emergency Suspension of Operating Authority of Migraine Trucking, LLC... OOS - Out of Service
Order Reinstating Motor Carrier Operating Authority

DocketNumber:  15-CONS-213-CPEN
Docket Filed On:   Aug 28, 2014    ...  Penalty Order - Oil Sources Corp.... CPEN - Penalty
Penalty Order - Oil Sources Corp.

DocketNumber:  15-CONS-209-CPEN
Docket Filed On:   Aug 27, 2014    ...  Penalty Order - Rick Housel dba Rick's Well Service... CPEN - Penalty
Penalty Order - Rick Housel dba Rick's Well Service

DocketNumber:  15-TRAM-078-PEN
Docket Filed On:   Aug 19, 2014    ...  In the Matter of the Investigation of G & G Dozer Company, LLC ... PEN - Penalty Orders
Penalty Order

DocketNumber:  15-CONS-212-CPEN
Docket Filed On:   Aug 28, 2014    ...  Penalty Order - McCann Drilling, Inc.... CPEN - Penalty
Penalty Order - McCann Drilling, Inc.

DocketNumber:  09-SWBT-419-IAT
Docket Filed On:   Nov 14, 2008    ...  Interconnection Agreement for SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO.... IAT - Interconnection Agreement
Order Approving Amended Interconnection Agreement

DocketNumber:  14-MKEE-354-CON
Docket Filed On:   Jan 31, 2014    ...  Contract Between Mid-Kansas Electric Company, LLC and Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas, LLC... CON - Contract
Order Closing Docket

DocketNumber:  15-MKEE-028-CON
Docket Filed On:   Jul 22, 2014    ...  Contract for Mid-Kansas Electric Company, LLC ... CON - Contract
Order on Application

DocketNumber:  15-GIMM-079-KHP
Docket Filed On:   Aug 20, 2014    ...  In the Matter of the Investigation of Custom Limousine, Inc.... KHP - Kansas Highway Patrol Violations
Order Granting Staff's Motion to Dismiss