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Service Provider Information Last Updated 20-Jul-2017

This site is maintained by the Commission's Telecommunications staff, in accordance with docket 01-GMIT-784-GIT.

The purpose of this listing is to identify telecommunication service providers operating in Kansas cities and counties. In addition to identifying providers, specific company contact information is also available. Service providers are identified as an incumbent (LEC) provider or a competitive (CLEC) provider.

Service providers are required to identify the locations in which they are operating in their Annual Report to the Commission. This information is reviewed for reasonableness but not for accuracy. Changes to this information, between Annual Reports, may be made by submitting the revisions, in writing, to the Commission's Telecommunication section at 1500 SW Arrowhead Rd., Topeka, Ks. 66604 or via fax at 785/271-3357.

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