Docket 12-SUBW-359-RTS

02/17/2012    Suburban Water Affidavit of Notice Mailed (3:00pm)
03/15/2012    Staff and Intervenor Direct Testimony (3:00pm)
03/30/2012    Staff and Invervenor Cross-Answering Testimony (3:00pm)
04/09/2012    Suburban Water Rebuttal Testimony (3:00pm)
04/12/2012    Discovery Cut-Off (3:00pm)
04/13/2012    Prehearing Briefs on BPU Issues
04/23/2012    Stipulation and Agreement With Supporting Testimony (3:00pm)
04/24/2012    Prehearing Motions Cut-Off(3:00pm)
04/24/2012    List of Contested Issues (3:00pm)
05/01/2012    Public Comment Period Ends (5:00pm)
05/03/2012    PACP Report of Public Comments (5:00pm)
05/24/2012    Suburban Water Initial Post-Hearing Brief (3:00pm)
06/04/2012    Staff and Intervenor Responsive Post-Hearing Briefs (3:00pm)
06/15/2012    Suburban Water Reply Brief (3:00pm)
07/16/2012    Order Due