Docket 22-COST-546-KSF

10/06/2022    Staff and Invervenor Direct Testimony Due
10/13/2022    Cross-Answering Testimony Due
10/26/2022    Rebuttal Testimony Due
10/28/2022    Settlement Conference
10/31/2022    Cut-off for Discovery Submission
11/02/2022    Settlement Testimony Due
11/09/2022    Prehearing Conference (via Zoom)
11/09/2022    Testimony for/against Settlement Due
11/18/2022    Deadline for Exhibits
12/13/2022    Columbus Initial Brief Due
12/20/2022    Staff and Intervenor Responsive Brief Due
12/29/2022    Cloumbus Reply Brief Due
01/30/2023    Commission Order

These web links contain scanned images of legal filings with the Kansas Corporation Commission. Printed copies from these links should not be considered official copies.


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