Docket 16-KCPE-593-ACQ

12/05/2016    Deadline for Petitions to Intervene
12/05/2016    Public Hearing at Shawnee Heights High School
12/16/2016    Staff/Intervenor Direct Testimony Due
12/22/2016    Staff/Intervenor Cross-Answering Testimony Due
01/09/2017    Joint Applicants Rebuttal Testimony Due
01/11/2017    Motion Cut-Off
01/11/2017    Contested Issues List Due
01/13/2017    Deadline to Submit Settlement Agreement
01/17/2017    Deadline to File Settlement Support/Opposition Testimony
01/18/2017    Prehearing Conference
01/18/2017    Public Comment Period Ends
01/25/2017    PACP Report of Public Comments
02/28/2017    Joints Applicants' Initial Brief Due
03/13/2017    Staff/Intervenor Responsive Brief Due
03/20/2017    Joint Applicants' Reply Brief Due
04/24/2017    Commission Order Due